Access encouraged: New Comodule SDK simplifies creating custom apps for e-bike brands

Comodule, the leading provider for LEV IoT solutions, launches its new Software Development Kit (SDK) to make it easier for e-bike brands to build their own mobile applications and connect them to the Comodule connectivity system. In a shifting e-bike market, where user-experience will soon emerge as the main differentiator, forward-thinking bike manufacturers are well-advised to partner with IoT providers that enable them to develop their own brand apps.

With expectations for e-bike technology on the rise, merely providing an e-bike will no longer suffice, as smart bikes are expected to soon set the new status quo. That means not just increased connectivity, but also enhanced data accessibility and digital user experience in the future. How can bike manufacturers adapt and maintain their distinctive positioning in this evolving market?

The new SDK simplifies creating a bespoke app

Comodule already provides its white label “Companion App” as the entry-level product for a brand app. However, for brands that already understand the benefits of owning the digital experience, want to differentiate more and have great ideas of how to improve the app for their (riders) needs, Comodule now offers an alternative solution. The new Comodule SDK simplifies development, enabling brands to craft their own app for a tailored user experience. 

This Bluetooth-based SDK ensures secure communication through API keys and private key authentication. With comprehensive expertise in firmware, software and electronics, Comodule maintains end-to-end control over system quality. Understanding the intricacies of the entire ecosystem, Comodule can ensure a seamless and reliable Bluetooth communication layer using that expertise. Moreover, the new SDK facilitates effortless internal alignment with updates.

Empowering e-bike brands to shape the future of mobility, Comodule’s SDK makes the transition to digitalization more accessible for a broader range of manufacturers as it becomes the norm.

Expensive In-House Solutions versus IoT partner

According to Kaur Järvpõld, Comodule Software Product Manager, there are several pain points that OEMs encounter: Building a proprietary app is costly both in terms of project initiation and maintenance; the solution is therefore only viable for larger brands, and there’s a need for a solid business case and/or a digital strategy to justify the allocation of budgets.

Delivering a state-of-the-art digital experience poses several hurdles such as financial constraints, time constraints, and technical complexity. Technical complexity arises from the collaboration of various teams with different skill sets, often involving outsourcing some components of the “formula”, which elongates timelines and introduces risks. A more efficient strategy involves partnering Comodule, empowering bike manufacturers to create their bespoke brand app. 

Comodule serves as the catalyst for digital transformation across brands with varying digital proficiency levels. They support their customers with the technical aspects of connectivity and seamless integrations. By offering flexible solutions and tools like SDK, brands can curate their distinctive user experiences, setting themselves apart in the market.

Comodule has created a dedicated page for developers to learn how to implement the new Comodule Bluetooth SDK into their projects: ​

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