AVNSON puts folding e-cargo bikes on the road

Combining the strength of a cargo bike with the convenience of a folding bike, AVNSON, a mobility start-up based in Hamburg, presents the Long John Urbanox and Urbanox-Mini e-cargo bike models. Offering a unique solution for environmentally friendly and efficient transport, these models are now available for order and will hit selected specialist dealerships from May.

Emission-free, practical goods and passenger transport, flexible connected mobility and a lack of storage space in urban centers are now possible to combine in everyday life and when travelling: After four years of development, numerous prototypes, and rigorous testing, AVNSON is proud to unveil its EFBE-approved models to the public. Featuring a patented folding system, the Urbanox and Urbanox-Mini adapt to urban infrastructure in under 40 seconds, allowing for space-saving storage and transport.

The Urbanox cargo bike comes in three variants, all of which can be folded without removing the basket:

  • Urbanox A: Adjustable in width with detachable hinged doors serving as a practical basket, perfect for bulky items.
  • Urbanox V: Offers versatile transport options for daily needs, from shopping to equipment.
  • Urbanox N: Features a large expandable bag, offering flexible usage as a practical rucksack.


Crafted from heat-treated 7005/T6 aluminium for exceptional durability and lightness, all Urbanox models boast a Shimano drive for powerful assistance. The modular adapter system ensures compatibility with various drive systems, allowing for easy upgrades or replacements without necessitating a new bike. The bottom bracket position does not change. Similarly, the AVNSON battery system favours modularity, accommodating all standard rechargeable batteries on the luggage rack plate. Equipped with a cable steering system and 20-inch wheels, Urbanox models are designed for a permissible total weight of 200 kg. The concept focuses on utilising the cargo area effectively to reduce overall bike length.

Urbanox-Mini: Compactness redefined for urban commutes

The Urbanox-Mini, featuring a rear hub motor, combines the performance of a cargo bike with the compactness of a folding bike. 200 millimetres shorter than the standard Urbanox, it includes a foldable front luggage rack and basket, ideal for urban commuters. The Urbanox-Mini also offers maximum modularity for both motor and battery systems.

Initially available in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Ireland, France and Portugal, the Urbanox and Urbanox-Mini can be ordered now. The Urbanox will be in specialist retailers from May 2024, followed by the Urbanox Mini in autumn 2024.

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AVNSON is an ambitious mobility start-up based in the heart of Hamburg, dedicated to producing high-quality folding, fully-fledged cargo bikes. Committed to future-oriented and sustainable transport, AVNSON develops versatile, powerful, and space-saving cargo bikes tailored to individual mobility needs. Inspired by the French "Avançons," the company name reflects its commitment to progress and positive dynamics. AVNSON invites you to join the movement towards the mobility and cycling culture of tomorrow, saying together, "Let's go!"

avançons = [a.vɑ̃.sɔ̃]



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Daniela Odesser

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