Comodule adds bike recovery service to their smart security solution to tackle growing e-bike theft

New partnership with FRIS enhances e-bike security and offers peace of mind to urban commuters across major European markets.

Comodule has partnered with FRIS to offer an in-app bike recovery service on top of their smart security features for major European markets. As e-bike theft becomes increasingly prevalent, especially in urban areas, this new service aims to provide enhanced security offering for bike brands integration Comodule IoT and peace of mind for everyday commuters.

Theft is the number one issue that deters people from using e-bikes, particularly in urban areas. As theft rates increase in top markets, insurance companies are increasingly requiring smart security features, such as trackers, for coverage. Comodule’s security solutions, which include an IoT device, Companion App, and the recovery service as the new feature, meet these demands and add convenience for bike owners.

The Bike Recovery features complement the Comodule security bundle, which includes tracking features (GPS tracking, automatic Digital Lock, and Movement Alerts) and anti-theft features (Smart Frame Lock, Drivetrain Immobiliser, Alarm). With these security measures, e-bikes equipped with Comodule IoT are eligible for insurance rate discounts. Once equipped with the IoT device, riders can activate and extend their connectivity and recovery service subscription via the rider app.

Theft can be reported seamlessly through the Comodule Companion app, which sends critical bike information like frame number, bike model, and color to the local recovery partner. The recovery partner engages immediately with the user and coordinates the bike recovery, sends out their recovery team, potentially involving local police. In most cases, the bike is recovered and delivered to the owner. If not, a detailed report is provided for police and insurance purposes. The recovery service is available to all users in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France with an active recovery subscription via the Comodule app.

Tobias Bergmann, Head of Business Development, Comodule: “With Comodule recovery, we make e-bikes much safer and less desirable targets for theft. Our service also helps consumers obtain e-bike insurance, such as in the Netherlands, where insurance companies require Track & Trace devices with recovery services to insure e-bikes.”
Peter van den Brink, CEO, FRIS: “Fris Nederland B.V. is proud of the collaboration with Comodule and the joint effort to reduce the number of thefts. Fris Nederland is known for its dedication to the recovery of vehicles with a complete service package.” 

The smart security solutions are available for bike companies to integrate at the factory or retrofit. Comodule works closely with the bike brands to support the mechanical fitment and integration into the drivetrain, ensuring the quality and durability of the solution. ​ Comodule’s IoT solutions have kept e-bikes secure for years, achieving an average recovery rate of 80+%. Comodule’s security solutions and bike recovery service are introduced at Comodule's booth at Micromobility Europe and Eurobike. 

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Comodule at Eurobike 2024: Meet us from 3-7 July 2024 at the world's leading bicycle trade fair in Hall 8.0 / Booth J28. Contact us for a personal appointment here.

About Comodule

Comodule is the leading provider for IoT solutions for e-bike manufacturers. Their state-of-the-art connectivity technology enables the rider to track down missing vehicles anywhere where there is LTE / 2G network. The security features are enabled by Comodule’s end-to-end connectivity solutions that also include a branded application for riders and a service platform for manufacturers. Learn more about connectivity:

About Fris

Fris makes an active contribution to reducing the theft of valuable goods in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with tailor-made track & trace solutions. The percentage of stolen bicycles that Fris Nederland has recovered in recent years with track & trace is more than 95 percent. As the market leader in investigation services, Fris Nederland is active for a large number of Dutch insurance companies and has a market-proven track record of recovering bikes.

Fris contact: | NL 085-3031067

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