Comodule and 2Lock partner for an integrated digital and physical e-bike security solution

Comodule, the leading provider of IoT solutions for light electric vehicles, and 2Lock, a startup focusing on bike hub locking technology, announced a strategic partnership. By integrating Comodule's advanced security features with 2Lock's state-of-the-art physical locking mechanisms, this collaboration sets a new standard for comprehensive e-bike safety.

Connectivity at the core of e-bike safety

Comodule, renowned for its smart bike security solutions, offers digital security features like bike tracking, (automatic) digital lock, e-bike drivetrain immobilizer and acoustic alarms. To further enhance these security features, Comodule recognizes the necessity of complementing them with robust physical security.

Innovative hub lock

In partnership with 2Lock, Comodule is set to offer the most comprehensive security solution on the market, whereas locking and unlocking the bike has become simpler than before. 2Lock’s hub lock combines two locking mechanisms within a single hub. The first mechanism prevents wheel rotation, disabling use. A second mechanism stops unauthorized wheel removal, creating a closed system that offers thieves no surface to attack. 2Lock is designed for integration with Comodule's IoT technology via CAN bus connection and can be armed/disarmed via Comodule Companion App with one click. 

No resale value for the stolen bike

In case of a theft attempt, Comodule IoT is triggered, sending out a movement alert to the app, locking the wheel and triggering other security features like the acoustic alarm and drivetrain immobilizer. Even if the bike gets stolen, it stays trackable via app and can be retrieved. Removing 2Lock from the bike requires a lot of time and effort, making it impossible to remove the hub without destroying the wheel and fork. Together with the drivetrain immobilizer feature, there is little or none release value for the stolen bike, making it less attractive for thieves.

Tobias, Head of Business Development at Comodule: “We believe that an open e-system with component providers willing to collaborate is the main driving force behind innovation, safer bikes and better user experience. By uniting Comodule’s IoT and digital security features with physical ones of 2Lock, we have created a sophisticated security offering, marking another significant step towards a point where bike theft becomes pointless.”
Ben Bäuml, CEO of 2Lock: "Together with Comodule IoT, users will be able to manage and configure all their security features, including the 2Lock, conveniently via one application. The partnership makes the integration simpler for the bike brands because of the seamless integration between Comodule and 2Lock. The solution is introduced to bike brands at Eurobike, in Comodule booth J28 in hall 8.0, a pre-series of the solution is planned to be launched in 2025.”

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Comodule at Eurobike 2024: Meet us from 3-7 July 2024 at the world's leading bicycle trade fair in Hall 8.0 / Booth J28. Contact us for a personal appointment here.

About Comodule

Comodule is the leading provider for IoT solutions for e-bike manufacturers. Their state-of-the-art connectivity technology enables the rider to track down missing vehicles anywhere where there is LTE / 2G network. The security features are enabled by Comodule’s end-to-end connectivity solutions that also include a branded application for riders and a service platform for manufacturers. Learn more about connectivity:

About 2Lock

2Lock is an innovative startup from Regensburg, Germany, dedicated to revolutionizing bike locking technology. 2Lock aims to set new standards in physical security for bicycles, having several patents in their niche. Their cutting-edge products are lightweight, highly secure, and designed for seamless integration with modern IoT systems, making bike security more convenient and effective than ever before. See more at

2Lock Contact: Ben Bäuml, CEO of 2Lock:

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