Comodule grows sales team for UK, Europe and Asia

The global leader for IoT solutions hires industry expert Holly Williamson-Taylor as Sales and Commercial Manager to answer the demand for connected bikes and improve availability for new target markets.

In her new role as Sales and Commercial Manager at Comodule, Holly Williamson-Taylor will focus on providing IoT solutions for UK, European, and Asian bicycle brands. She is passionate about the cycling industry and is excited about the potential of the e-mobility sector to grow.

IoT as the next big step for the e-bike industry

“I believe IoT is the next big thing for the e-bike industry, and it will redefine the cycling experience, getting more people on bikes”, says Williamson-Taylor.

Born in the UK, she has lived in Germany for 13 years and has more than a decade of experience in the bicycle industry. For many years, she was part of the team at Hayes Performance Systems Europe, a component supplier for bicycle manufacturers, and has worked for the Bavarian bicycle brand Corratec as an export manager. Her skills and understanding of the industry range from the customer on the bike to complex supply chain and value chain solutions.

Growth market United Kingdom

“We see the UK as a market that is very open to new ideas and there’s big potential to merge innovation with the heritage of the UK bicycle brands to offer products that differentiate in the market,” says the expert. “The UK e-bike market share of 9% is three times lower than European counterparts (27%), with mature markets like the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Austria sitting around 50%. We firmly believe that one way to bring the UK’s e-bike market up to speed is to provide improved riding experiences and tackle the bike theft issue with the help of connectivity solutions. In London alone, around 50,000 bikes are stolen annually, most of which are never recovered. It’s no wonder people are hesitant to buy an expensive e-bike if they don’t feel it’s protected enough,” Williamson-Taylor concludes.

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About Comodule

Comodule is the leading provider of IoT solutions for light electric vehicles, having connected more than 700,000 light electric vehicles worldwide. Comodule is voted the best IoT provider in the world in 2023 and 2024*, their state-of-the-art connectivity technology enables the rider to track down missing vehicles, and control the bike’s behavior for smarter, safer and seamless rides. Comodule solutions are designed, developed, and produced in-house in Estonia (EU). 

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