Hero Motors and Comodule partner to bring digitally advanced e-bike systems to European market

Hero Motors, an Indian conglomerate from the automotive industry, joins forces with Comodule, the leading connectivity supplier for micromobility. The strategic partnership focuses on Hero’s ESYNC system, delivering a new digitally advanced e-bike drivetrain that focuses on the European market.

After already being active in the Indian market, the collaboration marks a new era for Hero Motors. This strategic partnership aims to integrate Comodule’s Companion App and Diamond display seamlessly into ESYNC ecosystem, offering tailored user experiences for OEMs, dealers and riders through the digital products.

Key features of the integration:

  • The ESYNC system integrates to Comodule’s CAN-enabled Diamond display that connects to Comodule Companion App via bluetooth. 
  • The co-branded app provides real-time riding statistics, turn-by-turn navigation, ride tracking, walk assist, lights and assist level control and other features enhancing the user experience. 
  • The Diamond display enables users to control the power, assist level and lights, see live ride statistics, bike’s ​ state of charge, use walk assist and turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Convenient over-the-air bike component updates for continuous enhancement and optimization of the e-bike system and its components. 
  • The users get regular new software features, enhancing their digital riding experiences. 
  • Users get push notifications about updates, news and special offers from ESYNC via Companion App. 

ESYNC’s tech team, led by industry expert Holger Pries, collaborates closely with Comodule's team based in Estonia. This collaboration aims to advance e-bike system architecture to the next level, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Holger: “Our partnership with Comodule represents a leap forward in e-bike technology and user experience. By integrating Comodule's cutting-edge technology, we're redefining what riders can expect from their e-bikes, offering unparalleled control, customization, and convenience.”
Andreas Wildgrube, Global Head Product and Marketing at Hero Motors: ​ "Comodule's industry-leading platform enables us to craft unique experiences for our riders. Together with ESYNC’s ​ integrated e-bike systems, we're setting a new standard for the e-bikes, emphasizing excellence, sustainability, and a connected riding experience. We are sure that our association will go a long way in shaping up our offerings with future developments in the pipeline. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to excellence, sustainability, and creating a more connected and enjoyable riding experience. We're excited to see how our collaborative efforts will transform the e-bike landscape and bring about a new era of smart, user-centric cycling."
Tobias Bergmann, Head of Business Development at Comodule: “The partnership between Hero and Comodule signifies a commitment to innovation, and a trend towards a user-centric design in the e-bike industry. Digitalization supports brands to become the focal point again, differentiating with tailored user experience. We are excited to plan the next steps with Hero, supporting their OEMs to integrate Comodule connectivity for a smarter, more connected, and enjoyable riding experience.”


Hero and Comodule will continue working together to improve the digital experience on the ESYNC systems. Comodule’s IoT solutions will become compatible with the ESYNC system in the future bringing advanced security features like bike tracking, movement alerts and smart locks, and more. 

Comodule at Eurobike 2024: Meet us from 3-7 July 2024 at the world's leading bicycle trade fair in Hall 8.0 / Booth J28. Contact us for a personal appointment here.

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About Comodule

Comodule is the leading provider for IoT solutions for e-bike manufacturers. Their state-of-the-art connectivity technology enables the rider to track down missing vehicles anywhere where there is LTE / 2G network. The security features are enabled by Comodule’s end-to-end connectivity solutions that also include a branded application for riders and a service platform for manufacturers. Learn more about connectivity: www.comodule.com


ESYNC, a pioneering initiative by Hero Motors Limited, is at the forefront of creating sustainable transportation solutions that cater to the needs of modern mobility. Leveraging over 70 years of combined expertise in the bicycle and automotive sectors, and backed by a strategic technology partnership with Yamaha Motors, ESYNC embodies a commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship. ESYNC provides comprehensive e-system solutions, designed with the latest advancements in motor design, battery technology, connectivity solutions, and service, engineered, tested, and manufactured using state-of-the-art facilities. With the aim to streamline the e-bike supply chain, ESYNC offers a fully integrated solutions tailored to meet the high expectations of Global OEMs, dealers, everyday riders and cycling enthusiasts alike. Operating from ultra-modern R&D, Design, Development and Manufacturing facilities globally in the cycle valley Ludhiana, Ghaziabad, Noida, India and Berlin, Germany, ESYNC’s endeavour is to serve as a hub for tapping into the growing e mobility markets by pushing the boundaries of technology.

Unique qualities ESYNC offerings:

  • Comprehensive e-system 
  • Bicycle Dealer Service 
  • Technology tie-up with YAMAHA for Drive Units 
  • Digital infrastructure with App, Portal and Over the air update

ESYNC’s Unique Capabilities

  • Bicycle & Automotive Legacy of many decades.
  • Rapid Industrialization 
  • Capabilities within the complete value chain from design to manufacturing.
  • Localized supply chain that handles market uncertainties
  • A team of global industry experts at the helm


Comodule PR Contact

Dani O. Team

Dani O. Team

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