Mammut Avalanche Safety Winter 2023: the best of the best for the worst case scenario

Mammut presents the new Alugator Ultra, the lightest UIAA-certified avalanche shovel on the market. The award-winning Barryvox avalanche transceiver and a selection of highly specialized, certified probes and airbag systems complete the Essential 4, which can be relied on to perform when every second counts.

Intuitive operation and cutting-edge technology are at the heart of Mammut's market-leading avalanche equipment. This is also the case with the new Alugator Ultra avalanche shovel, which was launched after almost three years of development. The first shovel of its kind to feature a welded construction and a blade just 1mm thick, it is made from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum. This is 90% as strong as stainless steel, but weighs just a third of it. Despite its low weight of 395 grams, it does not compromise on shovel blade size or robustness – guaranteed by UIAA certification.

Like all Mammut avalanche shovels, it cuts compacted avalanche snow with ease. With a quick-mount telescopic shaft and symmetrical T-grip for ideal energy transfer during shoveling, it sets new standards in durability and performance. Thanks to the space-saving shovel blade design, this vital piece of equipment also fits into a small backpack.

"In Europe, high-quality equipment is recognized by valid standards and, as in the case of avalanche shovels, by certification (UIAA 156). This guarantees that a shovel can withstand the weight of concrete-hard avalanche snow. In addition, clearly visible color markings are essential, because they enable intuitive operation when every second counts," says Alexander Weijnman, Head of Avalanche Safety at Mammut.

No time for doubt

The Barryvox® S

The search for buried subjects is a true emergency situation in which the searchers are under a great deal of psychological and physical stress. All the more reason then that the simple interface and intuitive operability of the digital/analog combination device with three antennas are so important. It has a large reception range and an effective search strip width of 70 meters.

The unique Smart Search function responds to rescuers' movements during the fine search, continuously guiding them to the target and correcting the direction via interactive graphics. This breakthrough feature helps rescuers find their target faster and makes the Barryvox® S one of the most intuitive avalanche transceivers on the market. To protect non-searching rescuers, the Barryvox® S incorporates the Rescue SEND function. In the event of a secondary avalanche burial, the device automatically switches to SEND to locate buried rescuers.

The best choice for the worst case

Free 22 Removable Airbag 3.0

The revised, downhill-oriented Free 22 Removable Airbag 3.0 is designed for freeriding and snowboarding with the highest safety and performance demands. With its practical, easily accessible storage space, fully comprehensive features, a design for the ultimate fit and the Airbag System 3.0, this backpack is an indispensable companion in the backcountry. Thanks to Mammut's years of experience, the mechanical Airbag System 3.0 is exceptionally compact, reliable, durable and one of the lightest on the market.

With wide hip belt, an optimized fit and the 3D-molded suspension system with EVA padding, the 22-liter backpack sits comfortably and securely, and offers enough flexibility. A rear full zipper opening and a top zipper provide easy access to the main compartment. Avalanche equipment can be stored in the outer, easily accessible emergency compartment, which includes an SOS label with emergency instructions. Skis, a snowboard or splitboard can be easily mounted to the pack for steeper terrain. Bright orange highlights and a large color block increase visibility in the mountains.

More features:

Height-adjustable deployment handle, airbag in signal color (filling time: 3 seconds), chest strap with whistle, radio pocket, attachment options for helmet, ice axe and poles, hydration system compatible, lateral compression straps, soft-lined goggle compartment, Removable Airbag System: transferable between compatible backpacks, PFC-free DWR, recycled material. (Refillable compressed air cartridge not included.)

"We all know that time is the most critical factor in an avalanche accident. It makes a significant difference, both for the rescuers and the buried subjects, in terms of time and chance of survival, whether you are buried meters deep or far less deeply with backpack buoyancy." Jacqueline Miler, Mammut avalanche safety expert.

Tour 30 Women Removable Airbag 3.0

For outstanding wearing comfort, the Tour 30 Women avalanche airbag backpack has a hip belt and back mass specifically tailored to the female anatomy. The backpack is lightweight and offers everything that can be expected from an avalanche backpack. The Airbag System 3.0 is reliable, durable and one of the lightest on the market. Orange details increase visibility from a distance. A snug fit is provided by the newly developed, 3D-articulated CONTACT U Frame™ suspension system. Everything is quickly at hand thanks to the large zipper opening. Skis or snowboard are securely fastened with the help of pull straps. Safety equipment is stowed in a separate compartment – also in orange. The backpack is PFC-free, outer fabric and lining are made of recycled material. Practical features such as helmet holder, lateral compression straps and mounts for poles and ice axes complete the Tour 30 Women. Weight with airbag system and cartridge: 2410 g. (Refillable compressed air cartridge not included.)

Probe 240 Speed Lock

Incredibly fast to assemble and easy to handle: In the most demanding situations, the Probe 240 Speed Lock hits the mark for speed. The sturdy, lightweight probe made of robust aluminum has a glove-compatible, tension-resistant quick-release telescopic system. This makes locking especially fast and reliable. An audible click indicates when the probe is correctly tensioned and ready for use. The ergonomic climbing hold can be attached to the assembled probe and stowed away during use. The optimized 360-degree visual depth guidance system ensures this vital information is always visible. The shaped tip efficiently penetrates compacted avalanche snow – saving power while probing. The lower part of the orange probe serves as a visual guide when approaching buried subjects. All Mammut avalanche probes are UIAA certified and therefore efficient in rescue, durable, and ergonomic in handling. This probe, with an overall length of 240 cm, measures 45 cm when folded. Included is a probe sheath with integrated emergency plan.

Since 1862, Mammut has been synonymous with mountain sports safety. The Swiss company is the market leader with its Barryvox avalanche transceivers and the only manufacturer where all avalanche shovels and probes are UIAA certified.

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