POC launch the limited edition Elicit Ti

POC’s brand-new limited edition cycling sunglasses, Elicit Ti, represent a new way of thinking, matching the best performance, vision and weight with recovered medical-grade Titanium.

Stronger and even lighter than the 23g of its namesake, the Elicit, the limited edition Elicit Ti has been created using an innovative recovery process which allows unused Titanium from the manufacturing of surgical tools to be salvaged and reconditioned to create the Elicit Ti.

Developed for the highest levels of performance using the highest quality material, they highlight that performance and sustainable thinking can go hand in hand.

Tilda Håll, Product Manager, Eyewear, POC, said: “We approached the development of the Elicit Ti with a basic principle at its core; that sustainable materials and performance can, and should, be able to live side by side. If we challenge conventional thinking and methods, there is no need to compromise performance or sustainability or a reason to choose one over another. Instead, it should be able to co-exist and become the norm. And we are proud that with the Elict Ti we have shown just that.”

At 22g the Elicit Ti will take over the mantle as POC’s lightest-ever sunglasses and will be used by the EF Education-EasyPost team at the Giro d’Italia.

Andreas Klier, Sports and Technical Director, EF Education-EasyPost, said: “Many of our riders have been using the Elicit glasses for some time as their weight and performance are exceptional. To take all that performance and add to it the fundamental dimension of sustainable thinking is striking, and it illustrates why we value working so closely with POC.”

The Elicit Ti feature a unique titanium truss design along the temples allowing the perfect balance of rigidity and weight. Created with recovered medical-grade titanium, the one-piece design creates a unique product with optimal stiffness, comfort and balance.

The Elicit Ti offer incredible protection and coverage, all of which have been subjected to rigorous testing, particularly with EF’s professional riders. Featuring specially designed lens snap hinges, lens changing is effortless and quick, allowing riders to change lenses in seconds. The frameless design also creates a unique sensation of openness while providing all the benefits of enhanced coverage.

Commenting on the eyewear, Stefan De Bod, EF Education-EasyPost rider, said: “The Elicit Tis are special because they are so unbelievably light. The lightness means I hardly notice them and they have such crisp vision thanks to the Clarity lenses. Knowing that POC has used recovered materials to develop these glasses makes me appreciate them that much more.”

To illustrate the lightweight approach, when paired with POC’s lightest helmet, the Ventral Lite, the combined weight would be a mere 200g (approx. for both). Naturally, that is a significant performance gain for those focused on weight and performance.

Elicit Ti – details

Exceptionally lightweight
22g, a frameless design and a truss structure on the temples keeps weight low.

Titanium temples
One-piece, lightweight, strong, durable and made in Sweden from recovered medical grade titanium.

Snap hinges
Snap-in hinges allow very quick and easy lens changes. The hinges also allow the temples to break away from the lens in a fall, minimizing damage.

Interchangeable nosepiece
Two sizes of nosepiece are provided so each user can find a comfortable fit.

Clarity lens
Lenses with Clarity technology for sharper vision.

Curved lens
A continuous, curved lens with chamfers at the edge give exceptional coverage and keep weight low.

Complete UVA and UVB protection.

protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and makes the lenses easier to keep clean.

Anti-scratch treatment
Keeps the lenses free from blemishes that affect vision.

Comes with a spare clear lens
swap lenses to have the best vision in different conditions.

Includes a hard case and cleaning cloth.


Available in Spring 2023 in selected retail stores and online. 


EUR 400,00 / CHF 400,00

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