POC release EF Education-EasyPost limited edition helmet

Ahead of cycling’s biggest event and to meet the demands of a legion of the sport’s biggest fans, POC is thrilled to release its Ventral Air Mips EF Education-EasyPost edition.

The limited-edition helmet is the same as used by many of the EF Education-EasyPost’s riders, which has protected, performed, and inspired in equal measure, and will be available immediately in selected online and retail stores, as well as on POCsports.com.

Introducing the limited-edition collection, Lina Elfstrand, Chief Marketing Officer at POC said: “Cycling has some of the most dedicated fans around. Watch any race and you will see roadsides littered with fans in awe of the proximity to and exploits of their heroes. Dressed in pink, encouraging and motivating riders through thick and thin, rain or shine, EF Education-EasyPost fans are easy to spot. We wanted to celebrate and support them by creating the helmet they have long asked us for, so they can support and emulate their idols out on the road.”

The helmet

The limited-edition helmet is the exact same version of the Ventral Air Mips which is available to EF Education-EasyPost riders. Developed with a focus on extreme levels of ventilation, very low weight and high levels of protection, the Ventral Air Mips has been proven at the very highest levels of WorldTour racing. The helmet’s availability will coincide with the world’s biggest cycling event, the Tour de France.

Jonathan Vaughters, EF Education-EasyPost, added  “Success in professional racing is built on performance and our helmets combine the best in weight, ventilation and safety. And the success of professional teams is ultimately down to the fans that support and inspire us. POC helmets are unique and have the ability to maximize the team and rider’s potential, and we are overjoyed that all our fans will now be able to be head to toe in pink and benefit from the same products our riders do.”

The design 

Pink is known as the color of EF Education-EasyPost, of that there is no question, and the 2023 design presents the classic pink alongside different shades that are nods to the past, present and future of the team. And of course, the fan favorite argyle.

The Ventral Air Mips

The award-winning Ventral Air is a structurally optimized helmet which features precise ventilation ports and internal channels to control the air intake and release at both high and low speeds, which enhances ventilation as well as the rider’s ability to reduce drag. ​ 

The Ventral Air is exceptionally lightweight yet features a fully wrapped uni-body shell construction for extra security and an EPS liner which is optimized for the perfect balance between weight and safety. The helmet also features a Mips layer. 

A lightweight adjustment system and ergonomic precision strap design offer a superb and flexible fit and it also features a new eye garage for practical storage of bike glasses. 

Product and technical features 

  • Structurally optimized helmet with precise ventilation ports and internal channels to control the air intake and release at both high and low speeds 
  • Extreme cooling and ventilation due to ports and innovative internal airflow design 
  • Unique design optimized with CFD testing for aerodynamic performance and minimal air turbulence ​ ​ 
  • Mips – rotational protection system
  • High-performance EPS liner with targeted and optimized density to provide the ideal balance of low weight and crash protection 
  • Fully wrapped uni-body shell construction to increase safety and helmet integrity
  • Light-weight size adjustment system for a personalized fit
  • Easily adjustable precision straps anchored to the helmet liner for extra comfort and safety
  • TwICEme – NFC Digital Medical ID chip
  • Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet. 
  • Used by EF Education First Pro Cycling Team 
  • Argyle graphic detail
  • Sizes - Small (50-56), Medium (54-59), Large (56-61) ​ 
  • Weight - 230 g CE (Size M), 270 g in CPSC and AS/NZS (Size M) 

Notes to editors:


The Ventral Air will be available to buy in stores and online from the end of June 2023.


300,00 EUR


The Ventral Air Mips EF Education-EasyPost edition will be available in CE, CPSC and AS/NZS 2063 certification.

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About EF Education-EasyPost

Explore the world of professional bike racing with EF Education-Easypost. We are an international team of free spirits and mavericks, with riders and staff from more than 20 countries. Our team was founded on the belief in ethical competition and providing fans with a team to believe in. In 2018, EF Education First entered cycling as team owner to help spread its mission of “opening the world through education.” From the alt-Tour to the Tour de France, we work together to race with freedom and integrity and show people they are capable of extraordinary things.

About POC

POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, protection and apparel, has been awarded more than 70 international safety, design, and innovation awards. Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s mission is to protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one.


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