POC unveils its new winter season collection

POC’s new 22/23 Winter season collection is led by the unique Levator Mips, a brand-new visor helmet that introduces an alternative perspective to optics and helmet technology. The new season collection includes a series of innovative products, including the Nexal, a brand-new goggle that features a cylindrical lens and unique frame design, new body armor, photochromic lenses and environmentally conscious updates.

Also featured are a host of new updates, such as the addition of Mips to POC’s award-winning race helmets, which complement new season colours and styles, all of which will be available to see at the Sport Achat snow sports show in Lyon on 7-9 March.

Commenting on the Levator Mips, Chief Product Officer Oscar Huss said:

Developing the Levator Mips required a different approach and concept as there were visor helmets in the market, and we could see the many positives and negatives. But we wanted to approach the Levator Mips our way, taking some of the insights available, yet applying a completely blank sheet to our thinking, where we could introduce our innovations and approaches. The Levator Mips emerged naturally from our development process and we are incredibly proud of the result. It is an extremely advanced helmet, in particular due its unique lens and housing technology, and it will provide skiers and snowboarders with a new view of what is possible.”

The standout and striking feature of the Levator Mips is its interchangeable Clarity lens. A bespoke lens, unique to POC, developed together with optical specialists Carl Zeiss specifically for the Levator Mips. The lens, together with a raised EVA panel around the side of the helmet, provides enhanced protection and creates the familiar silhouette of a goggle, yet is anything but standard. A soft EVA zone at the rear of the helmet offers enhanced protection whilst adding comfort and functionality. Inside the helmet, Alcantara padding delivers a heightened comfort and sensory experience, whilst the fully adjustable ventilation allows for personalized cooling, whatever the weather. Additional details include Mips Evolve, a RECCO® Reflector, an EPP, EPS and EVA liner, ABS shell, a precision 360° Fit System, and a Fidlock buckle, as well as two-step detachable ear pads.

POC Nexal
POC Nexal

The Nexal

The Levator Mips establishes POC’s take on what is possible with visor helmets, and another highlight for the new season is the Nexal. At first glance, it will look like the perfect addition to POC’s advanced goggle family. Look even closer, and you will find a brand-new cylindrical lens featuring POC Clarity lens technology and a host of unique details. Most notable is the new outrigger design inspired by POC’s award-winning Zonula goggle to create a precise fit and provide a user with a wider field of view. Further, the frame features unique Zygomatic bone covers that offer the user more comfort and protection. Coming in a Mid size and Comp versions, which feature competition-specific lenses, the Nexal also features adjustable ventilation, allowing greater airflow management at high and low speeds. Naturally, the lens is also easily replaced, allowing users to change lenses hassle-free and get the best vision, whatever the weather. 

Season Highlights 

Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s safety mission focused initially on ski racing. It’s a focus that remains, and its experience shines through with its freshly updated line of ski race helmets. The most notable evolution is integrating Mips in most of POC’s competition-specific models. The race-tested Skull family, including the Skull Dura Comp Mips and Skull Dura X Mips, now feature a Mips Integra rotational impact safety system. The new system is seamlessly integrated and forms a crucial component of POC’s ‘Whole Helmet Concept™’ for helmet development. Each part is designed to work together to improve the whole helmet. The FIS-approved helmets now feature such innovations as the ‘Race lock’, deflector panels, pull-release ear pads and continue to sit at the vanguard of innovative race protection. 

Skull Dura Comp MIPS
Skull Dura Comp MIPS

The Artic SL Mips, another helmet updated with Mips, also exemplifies some of the new seasonal colours with a race-influenced gradient from Fluorescent Pink to Aventurine Yellow. 


It is a colourway that can be seen across the whole ski collection, especially with the new FIS-approved junior ski race suits. These suits also feature highly durable fabrics and integrated foam padding on the arms, hips and legs, enhancing comfort under hard shell protectors. 

The updated Loft Parka in a new Aventurine yellow will catch the eye, but what is even more remarkable about the updated award-winning Loft Parka is its improved sustainability. Designed as much for skiing as days off the mountain, the updated Loft Parka features a new 100% pre-consumer recycled taffeta lining. Further, the T Core Fill loose fibre insulation, which supplies copious amounts of warmth and comfort, comes from 100% post-consumer recycled material. The jacket maintains its protection with a 10.000 mm water column, fluorocarbon-free DWR, and a waterproof zip. The Loft Parka is joined by the distinct and highly versatile Coalesce jacket, which also includes a recycled liner and post-consumer recycled T Core Fill insulation.

Coalesce Jacket
Coalesce Jacket

A core element in safety is protecting as much of the body without impacting a user’s flexibility and comfort. The brand-new Oseus VPD shorts are the epitome of this approach and feature flexible thigh, hip and tailbone protection. Created using a blend of wool and polyester, the materials used in the shorts perfectly balance warmth and thermal regulation with performance properties. Further, the shorts are certified to EN1621-1, Level 1 standards, and thanks to the use of VPD will mold to each user with their body heat ensuring a flexible and highly individual fit. During a fall the VPD hardens directly on impact to protect those critical areas and can be used repeatedly.

Oseus Shorts
Oseus Shorts

For those long days on the mountain, or days where the weather is in constant flux, having the ability to ensure optimum vision across a broader range of light conditions is critical. Consequently, POC has developed the new Fovea and Fovea Mid Clarity Photochromic lenses, giving a user the ability to focus on what’s ahead of them, safe in the knowledge that their vision will tune to the conditions.

Commenting on the new photochromic lenses, POC product manager Sofie Berglund, added:

“We wanted to enhance a user’s visual sensation, experience and ability to react to danger without ever feeling the need to change lenses, but still seeing in a natural and perfectly balanced way.”

A Photochromic lens is clear indoors and darkens automatically when exposed to sunlight. It’s an experience delivered thanks to molecules coated on the lens surface activated by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, causing the lens to darken to suit various riding conditions. The new photochromic lenses will have a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) between 55-13% and cover Categories 1-3 (which cover the range of cloudy to sunny conditions).

Other seasonal highlights

Additional highlights to support the new season include a range of new junior and adult styles, a new race backpack to complement the bags collection, and Midsize and POCito eyewear for children or adults seeking slightly smaller frames.

Commenting on the whole new collection, POC’s Chief Product Officer, Oscar Huss said – 

“Despite the various uncertainties in the world, we wanted to keep innovating and focusing on the needs of our communities. The quality of this season’s collection, featuring brand new designs, updates and even more sustainable thinking, is a true testament to the drive of our product development teams. I hope it will inspire all winter sports enthusiasts.”
Aspire Mid
Aspire Mid

All products in POC’s new winter season collection will be on view at Sport Achat in Lyon on March 7th-9th 2022 and available in selected retail and e-tail stores from Autumn/Winter 2022.

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