POC unveils its winter season 23/24 collection

POC is happy to release its new 23/24 Winter season collection featuring a host of new products, updates to renowned styles and new seasonal colours.

Leading out the new collection is the brand new Vitrea, an advanced and innovative ski goggle which features a unique lens changing mechanism, allowing the lens to be swapped in seconds, even whilst wearing gloves.

The Vitrea is joined by the brand new ‘Speedy Dolcezza’ junior ski racing collection which introduces a new perspective to the joys of performance. Seasonal colours are introduced to many goggle, apparel, bags and helmet styles and the collection also features new inspirations in the form of updated signature series collections for Hedvig Wessel and Jeremy Jones/POW. 

Commenting on the new Vitrea goggles, Tilda Hall, Product Manager Eyewear & Goggles said: “We go into the process of product development with very open minds and specific problems to address. By applying a completely blank sheet to our thinking we can explore and introduce novel innovations and solutions, such as seen in the Vitrea, which uses a new approach to solve a well-known problem, making lens changing quicker and easier. The weather can change in an instant, and being able to change a lens even quicker will improve vision and safety for all.”
Vitrea Googles

Vitrea - Details

The Vitrea goggles feature a quick-change lens system that can be operated while wearing gloves and while the goggles are still on your face, allowing you to explore the mountains with the best possible vision in all conditions.

Ideal for skiing and ski-mountaineering, the oversize goggle frame extends down over the cheeks for extra coverage and protection. Combined with a shallow-angle toric lens featuring Clarity™ by POC lens technology, the goggles ensure your all-round vision is always at its sharpest, particularly in your lower periphery.

RRP: 219,95 EUR | 249,00 CHF

Vitrea Goggles with a technical Click-System

Speedy Dolcezza – a different view of performance

Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s safety mission focused initially on ski racing. It’s a focus that remains, and its experience shines through with its line of ski helmets. But performance need not be one dimensional, which is aptly illustrated in the new Speedy Dolcezza junior race collection.

For younger skiers looking for a different type of inspiration the new winter 24 collection will also include helmets, goggles and apparel designs to offer the very best performance wrapped up in the energy and delight of ski racing. 

The limited-edition ‘Speedy Dolcezza’ collection is made up of the Skull Dura Jr, Artic SL slalom helmet, a Fovea Mid Race goggle as well and a ‘tropical race’ FIS-approved GS speed suit resplendent with pineapple art. The tried and tested products in the collection offer the very highest levels of performance and protection and now provide junior ski racers with an enjoyable opportunity to challenge the conventional view of racing.

RRP: Skull Dura Jr 199,95 EUR | 249,00 CHF; Artic SL Mips 269,95 EUR | 299,00 CHF; Fovea Mid Race 239,95 EUR | 299,00 CHF; Speed Suit 429,95 EUR | 399,00 CHF;

Skin GS Junior Tropical Race
Skin GS Junior Tropical Race

Seasonal colours

Many existing products in the collection will feature seasonal colours updates. Inspired by POC’s objective to develop ranges that introduce new colours but allow for products to be easily paired across seasons and years.

Selentine Off White, Halite Yellow and Turmaline Navy sit alongside a range of existing colours to create a range of goggles, bags, apparel and helmets that will stimulate and inspire skiers and snowboarders.

W's Loft Parka Selentine Off-White
W's Loft Parka Selentine Off-White

Colour updates, yellow and off white ​ – in goggles Nexal, Nexal Mid, Fovea, Opsin, Retina, Zonula etc and helmets Obex, Obex Pure, Meninx and Fornix

Hedvig Wessel Collection – a new design

As an Olympic mogul skier, and one of the best freeride skiers in the world, Hedvig Wessel inspires many with her technical abilities and natural approach to skiing. It’s a dedication and focus that is often balanced in life through her love of painting, one of which led to the design inspiration for her latest signature series which takes inspiration from her personal experience one of Norway’s legendary peaks, Store Skagastølstind.

All the designs, which come directly from paintings created after her adventure, feature on a new Nexal and Obex BC Mips which are used by Hedwig for backcountry adventures. The Obex BC Mips features integrated technology including Mips®, Recco® and an NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme®. The Nexal goggle features a large Clarity™ cylindrical lens and Zygomatic Bone Covers underneath the frame increase protection in a fall or from wind chill.

RRP Hevig Wessel Ed.: Nexal 229,95 EUR | 249,00 CHF; Obex BC Mips 269,95 EUR | 299,00 CHF

Hedvig Wessel Collection

New Jeremy Jones/POW Fornix

Based on the foundations laid in over a decade long partnership, POC are releasing a new Jeremy Jones and Protect Our Winters (POW) Fornix to continue the support for positive action for environmental change.

Introducing the Jeremy Jones and Protect Our Winters collection, Adam Pfeiffer, Snow helmets product manager at POC, said, ”The effects of climate change is unquestionable. This year has shown that clearly and the urgency to act is more important than ever, which is why we must continue to work together, to be a force for change. This is what POW is focused on doing and why all our contributions to its work are so important.”

The new JJ/POW Fornix will join earlier collections with 10% of all proceeds going directly to POW to support their work and continue building awareness and climate advocacy.

RRP: 199,95 EUR | 229,00 CHF

Fornix Mips Pow JJ
Fornix Mips Pow JJ

VPD Oseus shorts

A core element in safety is protecting as much of the body without impacting a user’s flexibility and comfort. The brand-new Oseus VPD shorts are the epitome of this approach and feature flexible thigh, hip and tailbone protection. 

Created using a blend of wool and polyester, the materials used in the shorts perfectly balance warmth and thermal regulation with performance properties. Further, the shorts are certified to EN1621-1, Level 1 standards, and thanks to the use of VPD will mold to each user with their body heat ensuring a flexible and highly individual fit. During a fall the VPD hardens directly on impact to protect those critical areas and can be used repeatedly.

RRP: 119,95 EUR | 149,00 CHF

Oseus VPD shorts
Oseus VPD shorts


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