POC's 2023 cycling collection

POC's new 2023 cycling season collection is led out by its Aero initiative, which introduces new apparel styles for the performance-focused rider. Featuring new materials and innovations, the highly technical styles complement the new and updated road, gravel, mountain bike and junior styles, and seasonal colour updates introduced in the 2023 collection.

The new collection features a host of versatile pieces designed to perform under a range of extreme conditions, with sustainability playing a central role in the development process. Further, the new collection introduces more Women specific styles and brings a new Youth range specifically designed for younger riders.On top of a wealth of novelties are a host of new updates, such as the addition of Mips to POC’s award-winning race helmets, which complement new season colours and styles.

Monica Lindstrom, Apparel Director at POC, said, "We are constantly seeking to deliver on our mission and improve on what we have done before and constantly questioning conventional thinking. This is clear in our new collection, especially with our aero initiative and the return of our performance-optimized collection Raceday. It is at the extremes when things show their true colors, in protection and performance, and we are proud to have developed styles and materials for all riders to meet those challenges."

The new collection complements existing road, gravel and mountain bike styles with various seasonal colors tuned to their environment.

The collection highlights include the following.


The new Raceday collection leads out the road apparel collection. Aero optimized and part of POC’s Aero initiative, the Raceday collection features a new jersey, bib shorts, gloves and shoe covers, all designed to enhance a riders aerodynamic efficiency. Coming in Women’s and Men’s versions, the bib shorts and jersey feature innovative materials designed to improve compression and disrupt airflow allowing a rider to slip through the air efficiently.

The key benefit of the Raceday jersey is the inner structure which creates micro-channels between the jersey and the skin for improved airflow, enhancing cooling and breathability. The Bib shorts feature a woven fabric with exceptional stretch and compression, giving the shorts a ribbed, pinstripe appearance. In addition, the Women’s Bib features a brand-new chamois pad designed specifically for female riders and the pioneering reverse suspender system.

Women’s road apparel

Aero is a primary focus this season, as is POC’s continued ambition to encourage and support female cyclists with more styles and options. This season includes the W’s essential road print jersey – which features straight lines, minimal seams and longer arms combined to create a jersey that optimizes functionality and performance. Cut with more refined lines and a lower collar; the jersey maintains a cleaner, sharper finish. It can be paired with the new W’s vest layer, a lightweight, close-fitting base layer for every rider who will benefit from flatlock seams, giving greater comfort against the skin.

For those venturing out in the rain or cold the new W’s Thermal Splash jacket will let them stay warm without overheating thanks to a windproof, partially insulated jacket with exceptional wicking capabilities and light water protection. In addition, the W’s Thermal jacket provides comfort thanks to a thicker, insulated material combined with a brushed inner for comfort and warmth in cooler conditions.


Supporting the launch of the Omne Ultra there are some specific styles for those adventure of gravel riding, such as the new W’s Ultra Tee, perfect on sunnier days and which combines trusted performance with comfort and a looser fit ideal for relaxed rides and longer adventures. In addition, the new M’s Air Tee is constructed from a very lightweight mesh for ultimate breathability, giving exceptional comfort and fit for those hot days.

Gravel riding and Mountain bike riders have different needs which is where the Hip pack hydro 4l gives the freedom to ride without a backpack yet allow you to easily carry all the essentials for a day on the trails or adventures. Featuring compartmentalized storage for tools, a spare tube, some snacks, keys and a card. The hip pack also has a water bladder to ensure a rider can take additional water on a longer ride. Adventurous riders will also be catered for with new Devour Ultra eyewear, tuned for longer days and functionality.

Mountain bike

The POC mountain bike collection continues to expand with the W’s Poise hoodie, ideal for all-day use, whether on the bike or off it, as it perfectly balances comfort and casual style with performance. Constructed from Japanese Delta-Peak™ polyester, the hoodie has a technical feel and a material quality suited to every situation.

It is joined by the W’s Poise Crew Neck, which combines a casual style with absolute function. Constructed using a blend of recycled cotton and polyester, the heavyweight top has a loose fit for use with back and elbow protection.

M's and W’s Essential MTB Lite LS jersey is a Lightweight jersey for mountain bike constructed using recycled materials; the jersey gives comfort, breathability and exceptional freedom of movement.


The Aero-optimized Propel sunglasses were introduced at the start of 2023 at the Tour Down Under. To meet the challenges of shifting weather, a brand-new photochromic lens has been developed specifically for the Devour and will allow riders to have optimum vision across a broader range of light conditions. The lens features a molecular coating which darkens when exposed to sunlight ensuring you have the best vision all day long, even when conditions change.

A full range of POC performance and lifestyle eyewear will be updated with seasonal colours, including the Crave, Aim, Aspire, Know, Require, Want, Will.


The 2023 seasons will see a new Coron Air, updated with Mips. It’s a helmet that has been designed to deliver performance protection all day long. Developed using POC's Whole Helmet Concept™ to deliver superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, the helmet includes optimized ventilation channels that ensure airflow is maximized at both low and high speeds, making the helmet an ideal choice for DH and enduro riders.

A whole range of helmets are updated with seasonal colours, including the Omne Air, Ventral Air, Ventral, Ventral Tempus and mountain bike specific helmets such as the Otocon, Kortal, Tectal, Axion, Crane and Omne Air Resistance.


The younger generation has even more to choose from with the addition to the Youth collection of the Opsin Youth goggle which has been optimized for younger riders so they can see every detail on the trails ahead, allowing them to ride confidently as they develop their skills riding downhill an enduro.

Youth XC riders also have more options with a new jersey, bib short and socks combination. The Youth XC jersey adds small details to enhance comfort. Constructed from a lightweight structured mesh in recycled polyester, the jersey is highly ventilated, breathable and dries quickly. Used with the Y's XC Bibshorts, which combine flexibility and freedom of movement with compression and support, younger riders can hone their skills in absolute comfort.


Details and accessories may be small, but they play a big part in a day on a bike. The new collections have been re-energized with seasonal styles, such as the Lure mtb sock long and the Lithe mtb sock mid. Road and Gravel riders will have plenty of choice too, with several new styles expanding the range. The Vivify Sock Long, Flair Sock Mid and Zephyr Merino Sock Mid, all crafted to fit beautifully, will ensure no shortage of content for mid-ride sock discussions.

Gloves are equally essential, and the Savant MTB glove leads the way with material innovation to bring a more refined touch. The Deft and Agile short gloves provide the ideal balance of protection and performance on the road.

Monica Lindstrom, Apparel Director at POC, added - "Presenting a new POC collection is always a pleasure as it culminates many years of material innovation and exploration. Guided by our view that 'If it doesn't exist, then we will make it', we have infused more sustainable thinking and added more female-specific styles to the collections. To us, it's fundamental and will help us meet our longer-term vision of more participation with lower impact."

Availability: The new collection is now available online and in selected retail stores.


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