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POC's new season cycling collections are led out with some eagerly awaited innovations, styles and seasonal colors. The collections will provide mountain bike, gravel and road riders with the ability to extend the season thanks to a host of versatile pieces designed to perform under a whole range of extreme conditions.

The new collections' foundations are strengthened, with sustainability and diversity playing a central role in the design and development process. The new collections will feature even more styles developed with sustainable materials and additional Women's specific styles.

Monica Lindstrom, Apparel Director at POC, introducing the collections, said,

"Several ideas are weaved into our new collections, especially in apparel. Our safety mission is our guiding light, but we have incorporated other principles in the development process to create apparel that will work in every and any condition. It is at the extremes when things show their true colors, in protection and performance, and we are proud to have developed styles and materials to meet those challenges."

The new collection complements existing road, gravel and mountain bike styles with a range of seasonal colors tuned to their environment. Also included are new protection and eyewear styles.

The collection highlights include:


Apparel - Road and Gravel

A new women’s specific jersey, the Ambient, is designed to enhance the seasons by shortening the off-season. Perfect for chillier starts and late finishes, the lightly brushed jersey provides a thermal warmth that supports the ideal ambient temperature. With a soft warp knit, its full-length arms and reflective details are just willing you on to ride more.

The women’s specific Pure VPDs bib shorts - inspired by the award-winning Ultimate VPDs bib short - are designed with a specific reverse suspender, allowing riders to take a nature break without ever needing to take off their jersey. Combined with a four-way stretch fabric, with flatlock seams and the women’s specific Catalyst silicone chamois, the Pure bib shorts are perfect for maximizing days in the saddle.

Straight lines, minimal seams and longer arms create the Women’s and Men’s Pristine Jersey. It is a jersey that provides a cleaner, sharper finish thanks to a choice to cut the jersey with straighter lines and include a smaller, leaner collar. Constructed from recycled materials, it also features mesh zones in critical areas for enhanced ventilation and airflow.

The Men’s Muse Jersey brings refinement and comfort to every ride with a classic style, longer arms, and subtle detailing. Constructed using a Merino wool and polyester blend, the jersey gives a luxurious feel against the skin. It ensures excellent thermal regulation properties, a jersey you will never want to stop wearing.

Developed to maintain core warmth, the Men’s Kernel Vest will keep you warm and comfortable on the longest early season rides. Constructed using a Merino wool blend for optimal thermal regulation and a combination of polyester and elastane, the vest gives the ultimate technical function. Warmth with the ability to wick moisture away from the body to ensure you stay dry and comfortable.

The Men’s Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts are constructed from recycled materials and feature easy-to-access storage pockets on the thighs; the bibs offer comfort, support and functionality. Featuring the new Vital VPDS chamois, the bibs bring the benefits of a longer pad to gravel and adventure riders. They include silicone inserts for enhanced vibration absorption, giving better comfort on longer rides. A breathable mesh torso, fully flatlock seams and entirely seam-free suspenders ensure comfort all day long.

Apparel - Mountain bike

Combining a casual style with absolute function, the Men’s Poise Crew and Tee is a natural choice on or off the bike. Constructed using a blend of recycled cotton and recycled polyester, the heavyweight long-sleeve and t-shirt have a loose, casual style with riding functionality. Cut large enough to wear with body armor, the Poise Crew Neck and Tee also feature a small, secure pocket on the lower left side so a lift card can easily be stored, ideal for riding laps of the bike park.

The perfect balance between performance function and a casual, relaxed style, the Men’s Poise Hoodie is ideal for every day. Constructed from Japanese Delta-Peak™ polyester, the hoodie combines softness with a technical feel and exceptional snag resistance, reducing the chances of the hoodie getting damaged by any trailside obstacles. Ideal for use both on and off the bike, the hoodie has a relaxed fit and can be worn over POC protection.

The Women's Essential Enduro shorts provide an outstanding balance between protection and performance, especially for hotter days. The shorts have been designed to optimize pedal comfort and feature a light nylon stretch material that wicks moisture effectively and dries quickly, making the shorts perfect for hotter days. The Essential Enduro shorts have excellent water repellency, an elastic waist system and a rider-tuned fit for seamless integration with knee pads.


Apparel – Accessories

Details and accessories may be small, but they play a big part in a day on a bike. The new collections have been wholly re-energized with new styles, such as the Lure mtb sock long and the Lithe mtb sock mid. Road and Gravel riders will have no shortage of choice either, with several new styles expanding the range. The Vivify Sock Long, Flair Sock Mid and Zephyr Merino Sock Mid, all crafted to fit beautifully, will ensure no shortage of content for mid-ride sock discussions.

Gloves are equally essential, and the new Savant MTB glove leads the way with material innovation to bring a more refined touch. The brand new Deft and Agile short gloves provide the ideal balance of protection and performance on the road.


POC is well known for its helmet range which continues to be at the cutting edge of protection and performance, and it's now an equally central feature of the new apparel collections.

Monica Lindstrom, Apparel Director at POC, added,

"Presenting a new POC collection is always a pleasure. But introducing our new cycling collections is especially inspirational as it is the culmination of many years of material innovation and exploration. Guided by our view that 'If it doesn't exist, then we will make it', we have infused more sustainable thinking and added more female-specific styles to the collections. To us, it's fundamental and will help us meet our longer-term vision of more participation with lower impact."

The new season collection naturally extends beyond apparel, and other highlights include.



Unveiled at the Rouleur Live in November 2021, the Elicit sunglasses have been developed for high performance to be the lightest cycling sunglasses we have ever produced. At just 23g, and with a large Clarity shield lens developed with Carl Zeiss, they defy conventional thinking. They feature a unique truss design for the arms, allowing the perfect balance of rigidity and weight and using bio-based materials.

The frameless design creates a unique sensation of openness whilst still providing all the safety and security needed whilst riding and has specially designed snap hinges that allow lens changing in a matter of seconds. The Elicit come with a spare clear lens, and when paired with our lightest helmet, the Ventral Lite, the combined weight would be a mere 200g (Approx. for both). That is more than a marginal gain for those focused on weight and performance.


The award-winning Column VPD backpack has various carrying capacities to create the perfect storage for a full day on the trail or mountain. Featuring POC's unique VPD protective material, the backpack will mold to the user's body shape with body heat and harden on impact. The result is protection when needed and comfort and feeling that lets you forget it's there.

Constructed with recycled materials, the backpack is lightweight yet robust. With many pockets, the backpack is big enough to carry a hydration system, tools, spare clothing, and a helmet, thanks to a specific removable helmet net. Fit is completely adjustable thanks to six separate adjustment points allowing each rider to configure to taste. The design allows for an open midriff that promotes body movement and flexibility, especially downhill.

The 2-litre Lamina Hip Pack gives the freedom to ride without a backpack yet allows you to easily carry all the essentials for a day on the trails. Featuring compartmentalized storage for tools, a spare tube, some snacks, keys and a card, the hip pack keeps everything secure and lets you enjoy the freedom of riding without a backpack. A separate pocket with a waterproof zip keeps even larger smartphones safe and protected, without the risk of them getting scratched by tools or keys. An internal compression strap and a key hook combine with individual tool sleeves so everything necessary for a ride can easily and securely be stored, staying firmly in place so you can ride without distraction.

The Oseus VPD Jacket and Tee are ideal for downhill and bike park riders, giving the highest level of upper body protection. Combining complete chest protection with a backplate, shoulder padding and elbow protectors, the Jacket and Tee provides a feeling of security yet retains a good level of flexibility and freedom of movement. Constructed from a soft, flexible fabric, the Jacket and Tee can be worn next to the skin for absolute protection and comfort. And thanks to the zip placement on the chest, there's no break in protection across the chest.


A significant update for many of POC's collection of road, gravel and mountain bike helmets is the inclusion and update with Mips. Updates are presented in the Omne Air Mips, Ventral Air Mips, Ventral Mips, Ventral Tempus Mips, Octal X Mips and mountain bike specific helmets such as the Tectal Race Mips, Axion Race Mips and the Coron Air Mips.


The new collection is now available online and in selected retail stores.

ASSETS: All assets are available here

More detailed info on selected new products: https://press.dani-o.com/en/category/poc

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