POC’s new Fall/Winter 23/24 cycling collection

POC is delighted to unveil its new Fall/Winter 23/24 cycling collection, focused on products that embrace the extremes, enhance protection, and prolong the seasons.

Created to provide road, gravel, mountain bike and urban riders with the best apparel for extreme conditions, the innovations in the collection provide the performance and protection building blocks for those riders who want to turn the off-season on. 

Harsh wet conditions or freezing temperatures can feel extreme, but they need not stop riders from taking on the elements. Layering up properly, especially through layering combinations and with an awareness of ride intensity, the collection can motivate riders, give the ability to manage the cold, enhance the warmth and open new riding opportunities.

Focusing on layers and the challenges posed by mixed conditions, Karin Johansson, Fabric R&D manager at POC, said, “Nothing beats the satisfaction of defying the elements on a long ride in wet, muddy and windy conditions. Whether it's mountain bike or road riding the simple reality is that with the correct apparel and layering, we can all turn cold to warmth, keep dry and open new riding opportunities.”
Keeping warm during winter rides is a must, as is staying visible, which is an essential component of POC’s protection and safety. Apparel Director at POC, Monica Lindstrom - “We wanted to create a depth in the collection that would give more riders the security and inspiration to take on all conditions. From experience, we know that some of the best days on a bike come from the worst weather, and living in Sweden we have a special insight into the cold and the importance of visibility to safety.”

Developed to protect with warmth and enhanced visibility, the collection is built on specific colours that stand out in all conditions, to aid proactive protection and build on the principle that the best protection comes from avoiding accidents altogether.

Outdoor riding during the winter months is unique and offers a special perspective, but due to time, training effectiveness, focus, virtual racing, and maybe even a preference for riding in hot weather, many riders will still prefer to ride indoors.

Designed to improve indoor riding and aid performance, POC’s indoor collection features extremely breathable fabrics designed for the precise indoor riding position and intensity. Introducing the range, Monica Lindstrom, Apparel Director, POC, added “It might appear static from the outside, but intense indoor sessions are unique and dynamic and have very specific position, weight and breathability needs, which we have addressed with our indoor collection.”

An essential element of the range is the focus on Women’s, Men’s, and Youth styles. All with extremely breathable, ride-specific, and reinforced products that cover the needs of MTB, road, gravel, and urban riders.

Seasonal colours

With a range of colours, the collection supports POC’s objective to build on existing colours and new collections as an evolution of the colour palette. Taking this approach encourages a more sustainable focus, allowing riders to match new and existing seasons and collections together, ensuring that individual pieces can be used over multiple seasons and years.

Notes to editors

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Alex Duffill, Alice Alphrey, Ryan Creary, Maya Johnsson, Emrik Jansson


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About POC

A leading manufacturer of snow sports and cycling helmets, eyewear, protection and apparel, POC was founded in 2005 in Sweden, with a strong mission to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’, and has received over 70 international awards for technology, innovation and design.

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