RONDO launches the new RUUT CF GEN 2: No gravel left unridden

As wild as the open road, the RONDO RUUT CF GEN2 is the embodiment of untamed freedom. This isn't just another gravel bike—it's a legend in the making, carrying forward the legacy of RONDO's pioneering spirit.


Since its inception in 2017, the RONDO RUUT has been at the forefront of the gravel revolution. Thanks to its unique features, such as the TwinTip fork, RONDO’s flagship bike had the capability of tackling every type of terrain and was suitable for every riding style.

From racing to bike packing, touring to commuting, the gravel biking spectrum is expansive. Gravel is more than just a niche; it's an entire universe in itself—untamed, liberated, and exceptionally diverse, and that is exactly what the RUUT is designed for.

As one of the first companies in the gravel scene, RONDO has been able to build a huge knowledge base of how customers use their bikes and what their needs are. Now all this experience has been poured into the brand new RUUT CF2 GEN2.

The new bike is now significantly more comfortable and stable, but just like the previous version, it isn't just a bike; it's a work of art, with a frame that blends form and function seamlessly where every curve and angle is crafted for maximum performance and comfort.

The new RUUT comes with an integrated cockpit with a precision engineered ICR stem. The unique, shock-absorbing frame sets a new standard for style and comfort and paired with the re-designed TwinTip fork, the RUUT CF GEN2 is as eye-catching as it is trailblazing.

A groundbreaking frame design and an array of innovative features

We haven't just taken a small step forward with the new RONDO RUUT CF GEN 2; we've taken two giant leaps. This gravel bike is not just an evolution of the first generation—it is a revolution redefining the ultimate all-rounder in gravel biking. The core of this revolution lies in its striking frame design, fresh geometry, and an array of innovative features.

Just like our MYLC and RATT models, the new RUUT CF embodies the unmistakable RONDO frame design ethos. With lowered seat stays, a curved top tube, and a seat tube of revolutionary shape, it harmoniously combines comfort, safety, and speed. Furthermore, the geometry has received some subtle enhancements, including an extended reach and stack, along with a 0.5-degree reduction in the head tube angle, all of which enhance the overall riding experience.

And that's not the whole story! Thanks to the integrated cockpit featuring the ACROS headset system and proven ICR stem CNC-machined in Poland, the RUUT CF GEN 2 boasts a remarkably sleek appearance. Refined elements, including the renowned TwinTip fork and the new custom seat clamp, all underscore one undeniable fact: ​ This gravel bike isn't just an evolution; it's a genuine revolution.

The new RONDO RUUT CF stands out with these bold features:

  • Revolutionary frame design: Yesterday's classic frame triangle is a thing of the past. Just like our MYLC and RATT models, the carbon frame of the new RUUT CF embraces the distinctive character design synonymous with RONDO. This design doesn't just offer inherent shock absorption but also delivers an optimal fusion of comfort, safety, and speed.
  • New geometry: An extended reach and higher stack height promote a more comfortable riding position. Additionally, the head tube angle has been flattened by 0.5 degrees to enhance stability and safety.
  • Optimal fit: Choose from five different sizes, including an XS version with 650B wheels, ensuring a perfect fit for a broad range of body sizes.
  • Powermeter ready: The bottom bracket now complies with the asymmetrical T47 standard and features an external drive side bottom bracket cup, making it ideal for seamlessly integrating compatible power meters.
  • New cockpit: Thanks to the ACROS headset system and ICR stem, cable routing is fully integrated, not only enhancing the bike's aesthetics.
  • Mechanic's delight: The RUUT CF now comes equipped with the UDH mech hanger as a standard feature, making it easier than ever to find a replacement at your local bike shop or mount the new T-Type drivetrain.
  • TwinTip fork: The classic TwinTip fork from RUUT's first generation makes its return on the new CF model. This fork lets you tweak the fork offset and head tube angle—enabling a more personalized riding stance.
  • Bespoke freedom unleashed: The TwinTip fork merely scratches the surface of the myriad choices awaiting your personal style stamp. From single to double chain ring to fenders or no fenders—the new frame redefines customization, making bike tailoring an art form as distinct as your persona.

Four versions, five sizes—perfect for any terrain

With a fresh frame design and an array of groundbreaking features, the new RUUT family offers four distinct configurations: RUUT CF1: equipped with the SRAM Rival AXS groupset (4999 EUR). RUUT CF2: featuring the mechanical Shimano GRX groupset (3799 EUR). RUUT CF0: featuring SRAM Force AXS electronic drivetrain and high-profile carbon rims. RUUT CF X: shifting with the SRAM Apex groupset, mechanical too. These bikes are available in five different sizes, depending on the model, including an XS version with 650B wheels.

The various versions of the RONDO RUUT CF GEN 2 will be available in stores starting July 2024.

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